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Downloads and Forms

The following is a listing of forms, worksheets, and downloads that we feel will be helpful. If you have any problems downloading or opening the file, please give us a call and we will walk you through it.

There are circumstances when federal law requires this consent form be provided to you to provide additional financial or consulting services. Unless authorized by law, we cannot use your tax return information for purposes other than the preparation and filing of your tax return without your consent.  Please read, sign the form, and get it back to us.
Business Expense Report for Schedule C or Form 2106 Self-Employed or Employee
This worksheet helps establish casualty loss deductions from Storms, Fire, Acts of God, Hurricanes, Et Cetera.
There are several tests that your household must meet in order to qualify for the Earned Income Credit. This worksheet will help you find the required information.
The Extension Worksheet will help us prepare a Form 4868 for your individual tax return.  To escape late-filing penalties, not late-paying penalties, the IRS requires that your tax liability be properly estimated. We cannot guarantee that there will be no penalties.
Fill out this worksheet if you are seeking deductions for your qualified home office. Accurate square footage numbers can be found on your local property appraiser's website.
Take this filled out worksheet to Goodwill or the charity of your choice, have them sign off on it, give us a copy, and then keep it in your tax records. It helps you keep track of what you may actually deduct and serves as support should the IRS request more information. Note the suggestions listed on the bottom of the form, including the suggestion to take photos of the items.