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Accurately Complete Your Organizer

Your Organizer is basically a filing template that ensures that we have the information that we need. It is tailor made to each of our clients and often shows data from the last period's return for reference. 

By taking the time to confirm you have all of your source documents—or at least discover what you need to attain—you ensure the accuracy of your return, and minimize your expense.

Advanced CPA Consulting Services

For Other Professionals:

So, your (financial, legal, or other specialty) practice has come across a client that is in a difficult or abstract tax situation? Perhaps you need need to consult a CPA in the United States for an international client?

Asset Protection Planning

The fear of losing assets is a growing concern that many have. We have been advising our clients how to diversify and protect their assets for years.

One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to structuring great asset protection, let us tailor something specifically for you.

Authorization to Consider & Use Tax Information to Provide Additional Services

There are circumstances when federal law requires this consent form be provided to you to provide additional financial or consulting services. Unless authorized by law, we cannot use your tax return information for purposes other than the preparation and filing of your tax return without your consent. 

Please read, sign the form, and get it back to us.

Available Positions at Firm

Corporate Tax Reviewer \ Senior Tax Accountant Needed

Our firm currently has the need for an  exemplary Tax Reviewer who will:

  • Review federal and state corporate tax returns
  • Assisting and Educating Team of Staff Accountants
  • Special Projects and Research


  • CPA license preferred
  • 5+ years of experience in accounting and tax
  • Ethical, Dynamic, and Hardworking
  • Love of Tax and Helping Clients Succeed
  • Proficiency preferred in ProSystem FX, CSA, Accounting CS, QuickBooks

Staff Accountants Needed

Our firm currently has the need for an exemplary Staff Accountant with the following qualities:

Avoid Improper Usage Of Schedule Cs or Sole Proprietorships

Having a Sole Proprietorship and filing a Schedule C has its place, but you need to tread carefully. Schedule C filers are among the highest risk groups for audit, and thus it is vital to keep accurate records to support your positions in case the IRS desires to confirm them. Here is a quote from the Wall Street Journal<: