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Walkthrough - Document Access Portal

Frankly, email is a poor and non-secure method to transfer files. To help serve you better, we are offering Document Access to all of our clients.

By logging in, you'll be able to download your tax returns, financial statements, et cetera. Additionally you can send us your organizers, bank statements, and QuickBooks files all in a quick, secure manner, and the system will notify us that it is available.

We've been working hard to ensure that all our clients are quickly setup on the system, if you have not received your welcome email yet, or would like to give an assistant access to your files as well, tell us by clicking here, and we'll set you up right away.

If you have already received the welcome emails, simply click the menu link on the right, 'Document Access', and if prompted install Microsoft's Silverlight. All modern browsers on Windows or Mac OS X are supported.

The following videos will walk you through using the system. We recommend that you watch them in HD and Full Screen, and feel free to call us if you have any questions.