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Mac Quickbooks Export & Accountant Transfer

Converting the Mac OS X QuickBooks file:<

Typically, we ask that clients send us an "Accountant's Copy" of their QuickBooks data. However, Mac OSX users need to follow a slightly different process.

The following walkthrough is done in QuickBooks Pro 6. The process will be similar for all recent QuickBooks versions but some of the wording may be slightly different.

1. With the company file open in QuickBooks for Macintosh, select the File menu and select Backup to QuickBooks for Windows.

Make Sure You Use Your Business Tax ID Number with Clients & PayPal

If you received a 1099, or 1099-K, with your social security number on it, but it is income that came from your trade or business, you should contact the company and make sure they correct it so that it uses your business tax id, or EIN, in the future.

If you started a PayPal or other type of merchant account in the past and it migrated over to your business, its generally best to start a new one and transition to it.

Move Your Cursor Over Green Terms for Their Definition

While many of you are comfortable with legalese, we are firm believers that misunderstood communication is not communication at all. On when we use tax terminology the term will be highlighted green, if you move your cursor over it there will be a small definition shown. If you then click, we show gathered information on the same topic.

For example: CPA, OIC<, & IRA.